I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I'm looking for a "checklist tool" that can be embedded into a Blackboard page.  I've found a couple websites that offer free custom embedded checklists, but Blackboard seems to strip out the javascript in the embed code and renders the tools useless.  The idea is to have a checklist for each module in the course that the student could use as they progress.

See the following link for an example a checklist I've been trying to embed: https://api.checklist.com/public/module-1-1

Does anyone know how to make this work OR know of a similar tool?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Thanks!

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Tom - Does it need to be a checklist through the website? Or are you just looking for little boxes that can be checked?

It does not have to be through that website.  Just boxes to check is all I'm looking for (as long as you could have text next to them like a checklist).  Also, if it's possible that what is checked/unchecked remains unique and saved for each user - that would be amazing.

Well, to make the state persist, you'd probably need to tie in to the user_id in Blackboard (so let's skip that for now). In the meantime, you can just use this code whenever you want checkboxes - no JavaScript required! You don't even need to put this in a <form> tag - you can just have them hanging out wherever you want. I tested it in the BbSandbox for SUNY, but I suspect it would work for any instance (it's just plain ole' HTML). If it doesn't let me know!

<input type="checkbox">Item 1<br />
<input type="checkbox">Item 2<br />
<input type="checkbox">Item 3<br />
<input type="checkbox">Item 4<br />

Note that if and when the time comes to have them more functional, you'll have to have an "id" parameter (although it isn't necessary right now):

<input type="checkbox" id="item1ID">Item 1<br />

That's awesome, Dave!  Yeah - I just tested it and the code works in our Blackboard instance.  As you mentioned, the next step would be to make the state persist.  The checks are cleared once you leave the page.

Yeah.... I think if you want it to persist, you'd have to do some pretty legit coding (and have a place where the data can be stored). I suspect there is a service that might do this, or you might be able to bastardize the tools in Blackboard to emulate it. 

One cursory thought is that you might be able to finagle Google Forms somehow (although this will most likely be more complicated than you'd like it to be).

Good luck!!!!



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