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Hope has a question she would like feedback on from the group. Anyone have some thoughts to share?

"I have many unhappy faculty who want an attendance tool to be in Blackboard. Could we create some sort of report in the Evaluation area? A column of the Performance Dashboard or Retention Center?
What do other campuses do to help their faculty on this point?"

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One of our instructors created an attendance spreadsheet in Excel.

I have suggested that faculty load it to Google Docs and take attendance from there, since they are on the web anyway.


At NCCC we recommend that faculty create a Google Sheet to keep attendance.  They can create a link in the course menu out to there Google sheet to make it easy to take attendance in class. I provide them with a spreadsheet at the beginning of each semester dates (M/W/F & Tu/Th dates) already setup so they can just copy and paste this sheet into their own Google Sheet. All faculty have a workstation in their classrooms so they can easily bring up the sheet at the start of each class.

Donna Simiele

Qwickly+ recently released a new product for taking attendance in Blackboard. I know some campuses really like there stuff. It is definitely worth checking out:http://www.goqwickly.com/attendance/  

We have developed an add-in for the gradebook that allows faculty 3 options in Blackboard for taking attendance.  We are more than happy to share.  Contact Andrea Gilbert at agilbert14@monroecc.edu

Thanks all ! Great suggestions. I will reach out to Andrea now. and thank you Dan, Donna, Maureen! 

At Monroe, we had many unhappy faculty at first that were disappointed when we migrated from ANGEL to Blackboard and there was no built in Attendance feature. So I had to get creative and build my own options: 

1) Option 1: I built a Blackboard Grade Center template that has columns for each day of class and used a Grading Schema to display (P, A, T, or E for Present, Absent, Tardy, or Excused). Faculty can chose from the template of their choice depending on the number of days per week that they teach (options for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or 4 days). They would import it into their Grade Center. The columns are labeled very generically (W1D1, W1D2, etc for Week 1 Day1, Week Day 2, and so on). Faculty enter 1=present, 0.5=tardy, 0=absent, and 0.9=excused. The point value is set as the primary display and the secondary display as set a P, A, T or E for the faculty member. There is even a built in Smart View for Attendance so it can be easily sorted from the rest of their columns in the Grade Center. 

2) Option 2: I built a similar Blackboard Grade Center template, but this one only includes 4 columns-one for present, one for absent, tardy, and excused. Basically, these are columns to record the number of absences/tardies/excused absences. You can add quick comments to keep track of the date. If you use the present column to record the number of days present, you can actually use this percentage in the Weighted Total column if desired. Again this is a template that can be imported upon request by our faculty. 

3) Option 3: I love Google and one of my colleagues found a pretty cool Google Sheet template for recording attendance. It can be added as a hidden weblink for the faculty member, but unavailable to the student. It can be used in combination with Option 2 columns. The downside is having to copy and paste in the student names. In case you are interested, here is the template from 2016. We make a new version available each semester. Here is the 2016 version: 

Google Sheet 2016 Attendance Template

We offer Attendance Options Training to our faculty and I usually get a handful each semester that sign up for training. If they use Option 1 or 2, they can easily reuse it from semester to semester. So far faculty are loving these options! 

From my own experience as an adjunct, I have used Option 3, but I now I use Option 1 in my own course that meets face to face once a week. I also use the Color Codes to show my absent students. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at agilbert14@monroecc.edu. I have templates that I can send, handouts, and I have made a mini-training course in Blackboard as well. Hope that helps! 

Andrea Gilbert-Instructional Designer at Monroe Community College (585-292-3429)

I just add columns to the gradebook.

Everything affecting student grades is in one place and visible to the student.




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