Make a Suggestion. Please!!

We are very interested in improving this course and our understanding of how to be most effective in this environment. Your perspective and feedback as a participant in this group would be incredibly valuable to us and most appreciated.

Anything you can suggest to improve how this course is structured or run will help us understand things from the "student" perspective and will be used to improve this course. Thank you very much for your time and energy, and your interest in helping make this course better.

Instructions: Click "Reply To This" to make a suggestion to improve this course.

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Hi There! the N2OL has two missing words on page 5 in the "Start Here" section. I put them here in bold. The pink bolded text says "Online faculty report SPENDING an average of 120 hours on the development of their own online COURSE. 


Thank you Martha!  I fixed these typos in the course. 

Thank you, Maree! Great course!

Hey Martha: Yes, exactly right. The Bb shell is not monitored. : ) Having the interaction here also allows Online Practitioners with more experience the opportunity to mentor and share what they know with those new to online.

: ) alex

Good strategy! I like how you make it open for more experienced practitioners to share their knowledge. I learn a lot from my peers.



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