Now having seen this presentation and reviewed the COTE NOTE, tell me how you are using OERs, what issues or concerns you may have, and any other ideas that you want to get out there. These could include some strategies that you use with OERs not covered in this presentation or ideas about best practices.


I look forward to hearing from you all!



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Thank you for the presentation and providing this forum to continue the discussions. Although they have been around for some time, I agree with Alex's comment there has definitely be an increase in the rhetoric around OERs of late. I think it may be partly the result of an increased comfort of faculty and institutions in using solutions that utilize technology and other tools outside of traditional boxes. And also a greater impetus to continue to do more with less which leads to seeking creative and cost effective solutions to an increasingly complex teaching and learning landscape.

As some of you may have seen, the August cover story in Campus Technology magazine is also focused on OERs and includes an interesting getting started guide

We definitely keep OER concepts at the heart of our work at the COIL Center. We have a Faculty Guide to COIL Course Development which we make freely available to people from around the world. We also go to great efforts to record each of the presentations from our annual conference and make them freely available on our website for those who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons. In the coming year we are looking to greatly expand the resources we have available to our growing community around the SUNY and throughout the world.

Thank you for your response John and thank you Alex for reposting sections of my COTE NOTE as your comment!

I agree with you about the increased interests in OERs and thank you, John, for sharing the Campus Technology article and your current workings with the COIL Center/Faculty Guide. With the push towards digitizing education more and more each year, it is no surprise that these and other types of OER conversations are increasing. If you get a chance to read my article (link below) or COTE NOTES, you will see that I believe strongly in developing more conversations like this one, especially around the areas of sustainability, rubrics, assessment, and vetting as well as discussions regarding ways to incorporate this work more formally into the tenure process. Actually, we may be closer to having a vehicle for adding this work to the SUNY tenure process than we think...on Aug 6th SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher announced that she was thinking about creating a SUNY Network for Teaching and Learning, with funding allocated for innovation and research. In my mind, this would be the perfect place for this type of research!! See article here:

Once again, thank you for your comments and for joining in this OER conversation. I am excited to hear that SUNY COIL will continue to grow its resources and share them broadly. 

Thanks again!


Here is my article on OERs:



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